Sunday, January 15, 2012

Everything must have a beginning...

So….why did I start a food blog, aside from the obvious reason (which believe me is quite obvious when you look at me) that I love food, it is because food is what I am passionate about. It’s been a struggle to come to this conclusion and if asked when I was younger did I ever want to make a career out of food, my answer would’ve been a resounding no. After all we have all seen how some of the chefs are treated on the TV.
But here I am, 1 degree abandoned, almost bald from tearing my hair out and my sanity somewhat questionable after the long and very difficult struggle to figure out the ultimate question; what am I going to do with my life!!! I am going to endeavour to pursue a career as a pastry chef. Whatever road I end up taking please remember and some on please god remind me if I forget along the way that my ultimate goal was to become a pastry chef and someday open my own artisan bakery here in Dublin.
So where am I now, you might ask. I am working in a Pharmacy having just completed a degree in Pharmacology. Not at all the type of person you would ever associate with wanting to pursue a career as a chef but here I go.
What is the purpose of this blog you might ask... why are you rambling into cyber space? Well I would like to share with you both my journey, my recipes and just about everything that I find awesome in general (which you will notice is always cake themed).
I hope you will stay with me as I go. Learn with me and taste what I taste. I would love some feedback on my recipes and any body that has gone or is going through the same please feel free to email me. 


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